English – Achterhoek Tournaments

In the region ‘Achterhoek’  in the eastern part of Holland six big international youth tournaments are organised every year. Since 1998 there is a cooperation between these tournaments that all have a very high level. Through this cooperation the tournaments try to improve the level of all the participating tournaments.

Participating tournaments in 2017:

Marveld toernooi www.marveld.info 19/20/21 May
Terborg Toernooi www.terborgtoernooi.nl 26/27/28 May
Seesing Tournament www.seesingtournament.nl 3/4 June
Karel Stegeman Toernooi www.karelstegemantoernooi.nl 3/4/5/June
Ten Brinke Bouw Tournament www.toernooivarsseveld.nl 9/10/11 June
FC Zutphen toernooi www.fczutphentoernooi.nl  18/19/20 August